Ohio State Features 7 from ESPN’s ‘Most Likely to Be Arrested’ List

BRISTOL, CT– ESPN’s Mark Schlabach has released this year’s “Most Likely to Get Arrested list” and as always, it’s stirred up quite a bit of controversy. Schlabach’s interview on last night’s airing of SportsCenter produced ESPN’s highest ratings since the end of the College Football season. The yearly list includes 50 players from around the nation who’s chances of being incarcerated are significantly higher than their peers. According to ESPN’s website, the list is calculated based on geography, school arrest history, age, and even player position.



While the Big 10 made up only about 15% of the overall list, Ohio State’s J.T. Barrett (QB), Curtis Samuel (RB), Nick Bosa (DT), and Chris Worley (LB) were among the top 25 of those likely to be arrested. This marks the highest number of players from the same team in one year since the list was started in 2012. Even more impressive is that J.T. Barrett is the first player to be named on the list for three consecutive years. OSU’s head coach, Urban Meyer, didn’t have much to say about the list except: “Hitler made lists- and look where that got us!”

While objectors dismiss the list as arbitrary and asinine, Schlabach has an overall accuracy rate of 77% over the past 3 years. As popularity and accuracy have continued to rise in past years, Vegas has decided to take part and release betting odds based on each year’s list. Participants of legal age can bet on whether or not a player will get arrested, how many arrests, and what type of arrest will occur. Currently, Cam Robinson (LT) out of Alabama has the highest odds of being arrested according to Vegas. Our analysts have broken down the list below or you can visit ESPN’s website for the full list.

The top 5 teams with players on the list include Ohio State (7), University of Alabama (5), Florida State University (4), Baylor (4) and Oregon (3). The most common expected arrests include 22 instances of battery, 15 counts of DUI and 11 substance abuse arrests. The position group most likely to get arrested, according to Schlabach, is Quarterback, while the least likely is backup field-goal kicker.