2016 NFL Combine: Tebow is Back!


INDIANAPOLIS, IN– The football community was set of fire last week as SEC Network anchor and former professional and collegiate athlete Tim Tebow announced his participation in this year’s NFL Combine.  Tim will participate in all six events with hopes to shatter his records from seven years ago.

Tebow’s agent claims Tim has found a clever loophole that grants him one more shot at the NFL.  The loophole stems from a rule regarding Heisman quarterbacks who washed out of the NFL- a ruling which hasn’t been invoked since the early 90’s.  Nick Khan, Tebow’s agent, spoke with media officials last week, stating “Look, everybody deserves a second, third or fourth chance to get back into the NFL as a starting quarterback.”

Midway through the interview with the press, Tebow lowered his head and started: “Our Father who art in heaven, hallow be thy…”  One reporter interrupted: “Tim?  Are you really just going to sit there and say the Lord’s prayer?  Right in the middle of the interview?”  “Hang on, guys, I’ll just be a minute” Tim replied as he continued- and finished the prayer.  “I’m excited for the combine- I’m older, stronger, and much more resilient than I was out of college” Tim explained.

Our analysts tell us that, pending his Combine results, Tim is a front runner to take Peyton Manning’s place as starting QB of the Denver Broncos.  When asked about following a legend like Manning, Tim replied “well, I’ve taken them [Broncos] to the Playoffs before- can’t be that hard.” The New York Jets are also racing to draft Tebow as a 3rd string QB/miscellaneous special teams player.  Todd Bowles, the Jet’s head coach told reporters “Our team has been waiting years to find a guy like Tim.  He’s a tremendous athlete!”.

While many are excited to see the return of the former star, others are simply outraged.  Soon after news broke about Tebow’s return to the NFL, JaMarcus Russell tweeted: “If you think it’s #TEBOWTIME, you need a new watch!  Give it a rest @TimTebow”.  “Don’t forget to set your clocks back to #TEBOWTIME”, tweeted @gaturgurl17.  @Broncoboi tweeted “Laughing at all the fools who threw away their @TimTebow Jerseys lol”.

Tebow is expected to perform extremely well in The Combine and get drafted as high as the first round.  The NFL draft is scheduled for April 28th, 2016.