Clinton Emails Contained “Proof” of Bama’s 16 national Championships

Washington DC– FBI Director, James B. Comey, released a statement regarding Hillary Clinton’s classified emails on Tuesday. Comey went in great detail about the number and classification of the emails received by the FBI. Comey claims the emails contained information classified up to Top Secret, some directly impacting National Security. However, most notable of the emails in question, were those with details regarding the University of Alabama.


“Our investigators uncovered several emails, 12 to be exact, that discussed the authenticity of The University of Alabama’s National Championships” said Comey. “In four different email threads, Secretary Clinton discussed ‘proof’ of all 16 National Championships, explaining in detail how each was ‘as authentic as the next’.” Despite concerns of National Security and leaked classified information, Comey said Clinton’s belief in these championships is “without a doubt her biggest lapse of judgement in this whole fiasco.” He continued, saying “Some of these Championships are pure foolishness! How could a rational adult actually believe this stuff?”


Social Media has been in a frenzy about the emails since the announcement was first made. One Donald Trump supporter expressed his frustration on twitter: “Someone who believes in fairy tales shouldn’t be allowed to run for President #VOTETRUMP”.

Secretary Clinton has yet to speak to media officials regarding her belief in the Championships in question.