Despite Loss, Bama Claims 17th National Championship

Despite losing it’s National Championship rematch against the Clemson Tigers last night, the Crimson Tide appears to have made history- but not in a good way.  In a press conference late last night, Head Coach Nick Saban told reporters that The University of Alabama is “filing an appeal as we speak” to overturn the decision to give Clemson the victory.  This unprecedented move make The Tide quite literally, the biggest cry babies in the nation.

“Our players really played their hearts out tonight, and to see them lose in that way is just really unacceptable.”  Saban claimed.  He went on to explain that “Our process doesn’t result in losses- it simply doesn’t.  So if we lose, it must be to the fault of someone else- in this case, the refs of the game.”  The Crimson Tide lost when Deshaun Watson threw a touchdown pass with 0:01 remaining in last night’s National Championship game- a play that will surely haunt the Crimson Tide for the unforeseen future.  Meanwhile, Alabama appears to be trying everything in its power to overturn the decision, which has never been done before.  Coach Saban went on to say that “Our Athletic Director is filing the appeal paperwork with the NCAA and the SEC as we speak.  If need be, we’re prepared to take this all the way up to the Supreme Court!”

Alabama’s criticism, aside from losing, was the “pick” on the last play of the game that wasn’t called or acknowledged by referees.  Even Coach Saban agreed that the appeal is largely irrelevant, saying: “No matter what happens, we’re claiming this championship.  We worked hard to get here, and we’re not letting something trivial like the score take that away from us.  We are the 2017 National Champions.”